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Receive the best agrochemical goods like Agro Fungicide, Agro Insecticides, Plant Growth Promoter, Bio Insecticides, etc.

About Us

Using agrochemial products which are fresh and full of necessary nutrients is the key to getting the best yield for the farmers. With the aim to provide the freshest range of agrochemical goods, we started our business, Tyrone Agro Chemicals Pvt Ltd., in the year 2020. As a leading manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler and exporter we have been presenting some of the best range of agrochemicals. Agricultural Insecticides, Agricultural Fungicide, Plant Growth Promoter, Bio Insecticides, Agriculture Herbicide, etc., are the products included in our vast variety. Each product is handled with care and stored in sanitary conditions at our facilities. Following quality testing, the items are supplied in a timely manner to the customers. Overall, by using our agrochemicals, farmers have been able to increase their yield.

Our Mission

The mission of our company is to collaborate closely with the farming community in order to increase farmer productivity and living standards.

Innovations For A Profitable Growth

Our R&D operations are aimed at quickly converting market trends and scientific concepts into profitable breakthroughs. We take advantage of new market opportunities by utilising new technological advancements for developing our product range which includes Plant Growth Promoter, Agriculture Herbicide, Agricultural Insecticides, Bio Insecticides, Agricultural Fungicide, etc.

Core Values

Our core value is to strive toward a goal of serving the customers requirements by working with farmers at the grass-roots level to identify and solve their problems.


Our vision is to provide the best agrochemicals products like Agricultural Insecticides, Agricultural Fungicide, Plant Growth Promoter, Bio Insecticides, Agriculture Herbicide, etc., for our clients while also contributing to sustainable agriculture through our highly motivated and trained workforce.


The major principles of our company are listed below:

  • We look for opportunities for value enhancement growth that arise from changes in markets, science, and society.
  • We leverage our position of strength to assist drive scientific and technical advancement, find new economic prospects, and take advantage of synergistic benefits that result from collaborative research.
  • We collaborate with our customers to create and improve our goods so that we can provide value to both our customers and our firm.


The state-of-the-art infrastructure of our company has always enabled us complete the high demands that customers place with us. In our infrastructure we have top-notch machinery & equipment installed using which we process a vast product array comprising Plant Growth Promoter, Agriculture Herbicide, Agricultural Insecticides, Agricultural Fungicide, Bio Insecticides, etc. A warehouse is also encompassed in our infrastructure in which after the processing, the goods are orderly & securely placed.

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